About us

We are a company established in 2000, having the main field of activity the sale of chemical reagents, laboratory glassware, utensils and products adjacent to the activities of chemical laboratories and medical or industrial specialty.

Our experience in this field has led us to become a reliable partner for our clients, and also to develop partnerships with top manufacturers such as MercK KGaA Germany, Alfa Aesar USA-Germany, Bochem Germany, Vitlab Germany, Schott-Duran Germany and other international companies.

We operate on the principle of the quality of both the products sold and the relationship with customers. Due to the trust, promptness, transparency and professionalism we show in our activity and the logistics system of very good quality, Nordic Chemicals is placed in the top suppliers of products for laboratory, research and chemical industry in Romania.

We are accredited and certified according to national and international norms, because we consider that they are a factor that denotes the seriousness and the professionalism of our company.

We mainly address to laboratories that use chemical reagents, glassware and laboratory utensils in their activity.Our beneficiaries include manufacturers of medicines, food and beverages, state and private medical institutions, chemical and research laboratories, universities, educational institutions and industrial companies.

We always put the customer first. Thanks to our experience and knowledge gained in our years of activity, Nordic Chemicals provides specialized advice to customers in choosing the products they need.

Range of products offered:

  • laboratory reagents
  • culture media
  • chemicals of the highest purity or technical grade
  • laboratory glassware and porcelain products
  • laboratory equipment, consumables, utensils, etc
  • filter paper for laboratory and industry
  • disinfectants for general use and laboratory equipments