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Transport of dangerous products, precursors, toxic and special products

General products transport

Technical data sheet of the purchased products

About us

We are a company established in 2000, having the main field of activity the sale of chemical reagents, laboratory glassware, utensils and products adjacent to the activities of chemical laboratories and medical or industrial specialty.

Our presence on the Romanian market since 2000 has determined us to develop our company towards to new partnerships, so today we are the distributor for products manufactured by MercK KGaA Germany, Alfa Aesar USA-Germany, Bochem Germany, Vitlab Germany, Schott-Duran Germany ,Kartell Italy and of other international companies, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the products.


Chemical reagents

Laboratory glassware and porcelain products

Laboratory instruments

Filter paper and filtering products

Why choose us?

Professionalism 100%
Promptitudine 100%
Confidence 100%
Quality products 100%
Delivery throughout Romania 100%

Our mission

Our mission is to make major contributions to streamlining the activities needed for the institutions for which it is not addressed. They are cared for in the company, in terms of the needs of high quality products in analysis laboratories, medical laboratory, research center, hospitals and industrial or chemical center.

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